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Loft Group is a proudly Australian company, founded in 2007. The Loft Group Pty Ltd [“Loft’] specialises in business software solutions through constructing purpose-built digital infrastructure. Our engagement framework guides the identification of problems, solutions, and opportunities with key stakeholders and forms the basis for recommending more effective and efficient business processes across a continual cycle of improvement.

Loft builds a firm understanding of both requirement and expectation, using its expertise to enhance and improve niche industry sectors. Loft uses a proven technology stack that ensures our clients will be innovative and capitalise on being the first mover within the sector, driving the application product road map to achieve rapid development and deployment, and global scalability that has robust and modular diversification across broader market opportunities.

Loft’s software development, combined with IBM cloud infrastructure, highlights its recognition as an industry leader in utilising IBM Watson, machine learning, cognitive computing, big data and analytics platforms.

Over the years Loft has built up a diverse client base with many technology challenges presented and resolved.

As of the 1st January 2018, The Loft Group Pty Ltd will be rebranded as Loft Digital Pty Ltd. The journey continues...

Digital Education Platform (DEP)

The company has identified the need for a software application upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of education and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.

Loft is focused on corporate learning ecosystems and the benefits that big data will contribute to creating visibility across an entire organisation at a local and global level. Additionally, the utilisation of cognitive systems that are able to exhibit adaptive, proactive and emotive behaviour. When implemented in support of educational activities a connection between communities and the process of learning, content delivery, assessment and collaboration can all be individualised, measured and presented in an enterprise dashboard. What drives this process is a common cognitive framework that humans use to inform their decisions: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Decide.

Our vision for the ideal digital classroom is emerging. It meets the needs of the students and the community that surrounds them. It assists in the creation of innovative content design and supports delivery and assessment. It provides opportunity for active learning and collaboration amongst peers and mentors by putting control into the hands of the individual. In short, it's not a room at all.

Clinical Diagnostic Research Tool (CDRT)

Clinical health consultation, notes and observations are the lynch pin of recording patient interaction. The conversion of this information into meaningful diagnostics is time consuming and often restricted in scope to reference materials that only the individual clinician knows about.

The Clinical Diagnostic Research Tool (CDRT) will enable a clinician to record their consultation and then have the notes used to search reference material included in a trusted, high value collection defined by a peer group. This will accelerate the diagnostic process by providing the clinician with a larger, more appropriate set of research while in process, instead of dedicating extensive time to discovery of content.

Integrated Attendance and Assessment Mobile Solution (RTO/VTO)

Loft Group has developed an E-learning platform to assist Vocational Training Organizations (VTO's) and Registered Training Organizations (RTO's) to efficiently manage student administration and business operations in order to comply with recently introduced mandatory Government funded activity and reporting standards coming into effect in Australia in January 2015.

Integrated Attendance & Assessment Solution developed for Educators & Students; an application for inspiration and capturing course evidence. Using the best, most intuitive features of the tablet and smartphone, we have created the ultimate user experience. The Integrated Attendance & Assessment Solution puts the focus on user experience which guarantees engagement and as a result content retention. This solution provides a visual way to involve all users which guarantees easy navigation along with a user friendly and positive learning environment.

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