As Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Gavin has successfully completed capital raising initiatives within Australia via a small scale share offer, along with the formation and recruitment of the Company Board of Directors. Gavin's determination, passion and leadership towards achieving his vision for the company has resulted in high level appointments within the company. Loft is now poised to commercialise its suite of products and services across diverse markets both nationally and internationally. Gavin continues to direct the company strategy, source opportunities to raise venture capital and expand operations globally whilst adding value to shareholders and investors. 

The company strategy is clearly focused on building a strong foundation within Australia, while developing opportunities with international public and private top tier companies for the delivery of proprietary software solutions and consulting services on a global scale.

During his professional career, Gavin has been an Executive Director for over 20+ years, focusing on sound business principles and innovative thinking; he has an innate ability to deliver practical solutions that accomplish key objectives efficiently and effectively across multiple mediums. Providing comprehensive project management for numerous private and public companies in fostering their brand personality, business activities and market share.

Gavin is a highly motivated and determined individual. As an elite athlete, he gained selection in the Australian Rowing Team (1988-1991), where he competed at World Rowing Championships in the Australian Mens Lightweight 4-. After a successful athletic career, Gavin transitioned into the role of a professional rowing coach. Gaining a reputation for his commitment and determination that delivered exceptional medal results across National and International competition.