Business Intelligence Analytics Dashboard Mobile Application

Imagine a world where you can enable better decisions, actions, and business processes. Loft innovation delivers a mobile-based interactive dashboard intelligence tool that quickly and easily examines and analyses the variance of the goal to actuals over time.

There is so much information out there, and because the amount of data that’s being collected is growing exponentially. Your Business needs tools that can help them analyse your data. And when it comes to using this data, visualisations and infographics are some of the best ways to present. Applying a graphical outlook to information that will be distributed across an organisation makes that data easier to understand and to act upon. And when your business has the right information at the right time, that means more profits and efficiency.

The BIAAD Application is a monitoring and analysis platform that collects all related data for your business to track, measure sales and break-down campaigns. It records everything about an area inside and outside of your business: content, report, conversations and trends. Delivering information in a way that makes instant sense to users in their own context, anywhere, anytime.


Ease of Use

The ability to simply and quickly derive actionable business insights from the data presented in reports.

Key Metrics Measurement

The ability to drill up and drill down to review different levels of your data in a cross tab or a chart.

Smart Dashboard

Gain insight about the buzz and sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) happenings.

Real-time Marketing Insights

Armed with real-time intelligence, you can make on-the- fly adjustments that can drive more successful outcomes.

Attractive Dashboards and Reporting

Get the facts about customers, influencers and anyone else having discussions of interest.

Geographic and Demographic Data

Data visualisation that provides a delightful user experience.

About Loft Group

Loft Group is a proudly Australian company, founded in 2007. Loft specialises in identifying customer delight, building innovative and inventive solutions and leveraging solid design process to deliver quality outcomes.  Our primary focus is about improving communities by improving communications, connectivity and visibility of information.  In doing so, we support research methodologies, professional engagement and human connections to strengthen the context within which these communities operate.

Our process builds a firm understanding of both requirement and expectation, using our expertise to enhance and improve within our target industries and improve and support client domain knowledge and activity. We use a proven technology stack that ensures Loft will be the first mover within any sector, driving the application product road map to achieve rapid development and deployment, global scale and the ability for modular diversification across broader main stream market opportunities.Visit our website…