Clinical Health Services & Patient Care

Clinical Diagnostic Research Software Design and Development Project

Clinical health consultation, notes and observations are the lynch pin of recording patient interaction. The conversion of this information into meaningful diagnostics is time consuming and often restricted in scope to reference materials that only the individual clinician knows about.

The Clinical Diagnostic Research Tool (CDRT) will enable a clinician to record their consultation and then have the notes used to search reference material included in a trusted, high value collection defined by a peer group. This will accelerate the diagnostic process by providing the clinician with a larger, more appropriate set of research while in process, instead of dedicating extensive time to discovery of content.

The first target to be hit is process replacement, identifying and building objects and attributes that match foundation level components within the diagnostic process. Simply put, what language is used to define the progress of incoming information to a successful diagnosis of a patient’s condition.

The second target is the supporting activity of intelligence delivery. Again, at its base this has been modelled to the replace the individual clinicians own searching through ‘prescribed’ data sets. Through alignment and transformation of these data sets we are working towards the support of deductive reasoning, peer review (weighting) and interdisciplinary integration (build support across unstructured data from similar ontologies).

Future thought has us using this tool to connect clinicians and medical professionals during their diagnostic process, enabling community support and individual confirmation, not homogenisation of response.

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