IBM SoftLayer cloud services to roll out Loft Digital Learning Platform globally.

The Loft Group, an Australian creative digital agency specialising in creating e-learning campaigns for global brands, has adopted IBM SoftLayer cloud services to roll out its Digital Learning Platform for large clients.

The contract will see the Loft Group migrate its digital learning platform onto IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure to efficiently deliver custom, mobile education and training platforms to clients.

The Loft Group traditionally designed and printed training manuals most notably for the Australian subsidiary of the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company, L’Oréal. Identifying changing market demands and an opportunity to revolutionise its business, the company developed a software-based design and delivery platform which completely digitised all client materials.

Garry Russell, The Loft Group product and services director, said after reviewing competitive bids from other well-known cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, The Loft Group selected SoftLayer as the cloud platform for its global, digital e-learning campaigns.

Russell said the company was also was attracted to IBM’s Softlayer because the technology provided the company’s customer support teams “with the ability to use analytics to monitor and tune their networks, providing consistent and effective performance.”

“Moving our services to the cloud allows us to achieve global scale and consistent performance across multiple countries, helping us grow at a pace which would have otherwise taken anywhere from 3-5 years.

“To maintain our high standards of customer service, we wanted to be able to simultaneously monitor our global environment and load balance, as well as tune our performance to our customer’s needs in real time. Being able to precisely and quickly respond to our customers’ needs in every country is a critical pillar of our global expansion, and this level of performance tuning was one of SoftLayer’s biggest differentiators.”

Launched earlier this month in Australia and New Zealand, The Loft Group’s now cloud-based learning platform will soon be available across Asia, Europe and North America in the coming months.

“The success of The Loft Group is an excellent demonstration of the power, security and agility that cloud computing can deliver – enabling a grassroots, local company of modest size to tackle global markets, quickly adapt to changing market and technology demands and expand at an extraordinary rate,” said Dean Evans, Cloud Computing Executive, IBM Australia and New Zealand.

“Using IBM’s cloud services, The Loft Group is now doing what previously only large companies with deep enterprise IT architectures could do. We are thrilled to not only be an integral part of The Loft Group’s journey, but also of the immense transformation possibilities cloud computing is bringing to businesses of all sizes.”

IT Wire, Peter Dinham, 25 February 2014

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