Loft Group | Chief Executive Officer Announcement

The Loft Group is pleased to announce the appointment of the company founder, Gavin Russell as Chief Executive Officer.

As founder, Gavin has successfully completed capital raising initiatives within Australia via a small scale share offer, along with the formation and recruitment of the Company Board of Directors. Gavin’s determination, passion and leadership towards achieving his vision for the company has resulted in high level appointments within the company. Loft is now poised to commercialise its suite of products and services across diverse markets both nationally and internationally. Gavin continues to direct the company strategy, source opportunities to raise venture capital and expand operations globally whilst adding value to shareholders and investors.

The company strategy is clearly focused on building a strong foundation within Australia, while developing opportunities with international public and private top tier companies for the delivery of proprietary software solutions and consulting services on a global scale.

During his professional career, Gavin has provided companies with business development knowledge, financial management and strong organisational skills. Gavin has been an Executive Director for over 15 years, focusing on sound business principles and innovate thinking, he has an innate ability to deliver practical solutions that accomplish key objectives efficiently and effectively across multiple mediums. Providing comprehensive project management for numerous private and public companies in fostering their brand development, business activities and market share.

Since establishing the company in 2007, Gavin has transformed the Loft Group with the corporate office located in Melbourne and satellite offices throughout Australia. This transformation from a traditional communications company, creative design and marketing background into software design & development combined with specialised IT managed services has proven to be the main business driver and key to the organisation’s success. As a result of the emergence of digital technologies, there has been an increase in new media content deployment. This has been accelerated through adoption of mobile technologies, social interactions, knowledge management, m-Learning and e Learning cloud platforms across consumers and corporations globally.

About The Loft Group

The Loft Group specialises in providing business consultancy through software solutions. Established in 2007, the Australian company constructs purpose-built digital infrastructure for clients to create online communities and harness the organisation’s communications, education, and human connections into one place, accessible from any channel.

The Loft Group lives and breathes a philosophy of customer intimacy and are committed to discovery, originality and entrepreneurship. With a Melbourne-based head office, the business is rapidly moving towards becoming a trusted business consultant, software developer and IT based business with satellite offices throughout Australia.

Digital Education Platform (DEP)

The company has identified the need for a software application upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of education and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.
Our vision for the ideal digital classroom is emerging. It meets the needs of the students and the community that surrounds them. It assists in the creation of innovative content design and supports delivery and assessment. It provides opportunity for active learning and collaboration amongst peers and mentors by putting control into the hands of the individual. In short, it’s not a room at all.

Integrated Attendance and Assessment Mobile Solution (RTO/VTO)

Loft Group has developed an E-learning platform to assist Vocational Training Organizations (VTO’s) and Registered Training Organizations (RTO’s) to efficiently manage student administration and business operations in order to comply with recently introduced mandatory Government funded activity and reporting standards coming into effect in Australia in January 2015.
Integrated Attendance & Assessment Solution developed for Educators & Students; an application for inspiration and capturing course evidence. Using the best, most intuitive features of the tablet and smartphone, we have created the ultimate user experience. The Integrated Attendance & Assessment Solution puts the focus on user experience which guarantees engagement and as a result content retention. This solution provides a visual way to involve all users which guarantees easy navigation along with a user friendly and positive learning environment.

Clinical Diagnostic Research Software Design and Development Tool (CDRT)

Clinical health consultation, notes and observations are the lynch pin of recording patient interaction. The conversion of this information into meaningful diagnostics is time consuming and often restricted in scope to reference materials that only the individual clinician knows about.
The Clinical Diagnostic Research Tool (CDRT) will enable a clinician to record their consultation and then have the notes used to search reference material included in a trusted, high value collection defined by a peer group. This will accelerate the diagnostic process by providing the clinician with a larger, more appropriate set of research while in process, instead of dedicating extensive time to discovery of content.