The Loft Group Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Niall Wells as Corporate Advisor (US)

The Loft Group Board of Directors engaged Niall Wells in the role of Corporate Advisor (US) to further support the company growth strategy and commitment towards raising USD 1MM to USD 1.5MM in additional private equity funding. The main objective for acquiring initial seed funding is to establish a market presence, leverage its existing relationships with globally recognised brands, demonstrate market traction and achieve earnings growth trajectory. The Loft Group would like to expand its operations including hiring additional technical, marketing and customer service personnel. This would occur in line with its growth performance and the extent of its global reach.

As Corporate Advisor, Niall will play a vital role in order to realise the opportunities available to the company for executing merger & acquisition, capital raising and private equity funding in-line with the company growth strategy. Niall has a broad range of experience in the operations, strategy and financial management of technology, manufacturing and mining companies from early stage start-ups through to larger publically listed entities.

Previously, Niall worked within the Deloitte Corporate Finance Division Perth (2005-2009) asSenior Analyst in M&A Advisory and as an integral member of the transactional services team.Niall relocated to Vancouver, Canada with Teleflex as the Finance Manager (2009-2012) and then during 2012, he successfully co-founded Planwise, a financial technology company located in San Francisco. Planwise, focuses on enabling consumers to score financial choices and assist in their decision making process. The company can power any forward looking financial decision for consumers and is currently focussed on real estate in the United States. Planwise was in the 2013 REach™ accelerator program operated by the National Association of Realtors venture arm Second Century Ventures. REach™ focuses on connecting technology companies with business opportunities in real estate and other verticals. Upon completion of the REach™ program SCV made a strategic investment in Planwise.

Niall has raised venture and angel funding, assisted in divestitures and has experience in Australia, Canada and the United States. He also sits on the board of advisors for Kid Mob, a not-for-profit organisation that believes education is an opportunity for creative engagement and community empowerment.

Academically, Niall has studied Commerce at The University of Western Australia (1998-2004) and then continued towards achieving a Graduate Diploma at University of Melbourne (2005-2007).


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Loft Group is a creative digital agency which specialises in providing business consultancy through software solutions. Established in 2007, the Australian company constructs purpose-built digital infrastructure for clients to create online communities and harness the organisation’s communications, education, and human connections into one place, accessible from any channel.

Loft Group lives and breathes a philosophy of customer intimacy and are committed to discovery, originality and entrepreneurship. With a Melbourne-based head office, the business is rapidly moving towards becoming a trusted business consultant, software developer and IT based business.