SiteControl™ | Process Integration & Asset Management

SiteControl™ enables its clients to streamline and centralise information and workflow management; enabling a significant reduction in the time required capturing, managing and reporting information, and issues throughout a projects entire lifecycle.  In addition to an existing collection of industry forms and workflows SiteControl™ leverages an “element based”, drag and drop focused system that allows its clients to build dynamic forms and workflows to manage their projects in an intuitive, transparent and traceable way.

The objective of SiteControl™ is to provide the global Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Services industry with a highly secure, Cloud and Enterprise based, web and mobile solution that delivers practical Project Management in one place. From Design development, through Mobilisation and eventual Commissioning, Handover and Closure. It will achieve this by being agile, modular and fit for purpose.

Insite Systems exist to support workflows in particular domains. Such systems manage tasks such as automatic routing, partially automated processing and integration between different functional software applications and hardware systems that contribute to the value-addition process underlying the workflow.

Capture, manage and report all your project data in one solution. View it anywhere you want, anyway you want, anytime you want.

 About Insite Systems | SiteControl™

Insite Systems is a fresh, young and dynamic company passionate about providing practical digital solutions and services to the Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Services Industry. Our vision is to educe the cost and complexity of projects through the delivery of cost effective services and, practical fit for purpose digital solutions for any project or business environment. Visit our website…

SiteControl™ is powered by the Predicate engine, combining powerful integration tools and semantic processing, Predicate can consume the information from existing structured and unstructured data sets.  SiteControl™ then enables the creation of tools to accelerate decision making and improve performance, using the best data, just in time.

SiteControl™  is built upon cloud infrastructure, combining massive scalability with extensive security and configuration options.  The architecture of SiteControl™  takes advantage of best of breed providers to ensure a match with customer data protection, sovereignty and privacy requirements.

About Loft Group

Loft Group is a proudly Australian company, founded in 2007. Loft specialises in identifying customer delight, building innovative and inventive solutions and leveraging solid design process to deliver quality outcomes.  Our primary focus is about improving communities by improving communications, connectivity and visibility of information.  In doing so, we support research methodologies, professional engagement and human connections to strengthen the context within which these communities operate.

Our process builds a firm understanding of both requirement and expectation, using our expertise to enhance and improve within our target industries and improve and support client domain knowledge and activity. We use a proven technology stack that ensures Loft will be the first mover within any sector, driving the application product road map to achieve rapid development and deployment, global scale and the ability for modular diversification across broader main stream market opportunities.Visit our website…