Managed IT Services

Loft Group has now expanded into the provisioning of managed IT services for the small and medium business sector, backed with over 20 years of experience in the expert governance of information technology resources. Loft can engage to design, implement and maintain components of your infrastructure, or deliver your entire structure in turn key scenario.

Through partnerships with IBM, Microsoft and DELL we are able to cover the complete spectrum of technical requirements that a modern, mobile enterprise can produce. With the ability to scale to match your size and activity we can provide the best service to meet your need exactly.

The building blocks of a flexible, composable system that the Loft Group can provide are listed below:


The core of any system is the definition of who is using it. The identity of a user must be relevant, unique and not prone to change, it also helps if it doesn’t take five minutes to type in!

  • Identity Management (Provisioning, Retirement, Rationale)
  • Shared / Service account management
  • Licensing
  • Profiling and Use Case documentation
  • Domain Management


Every company uses its structure to enable access to the services which it provides for both internal and external parties. Proper protection and security needs to be considers and implemented where necessary.

  • Security Groups and Permissions
  • Access Profiling for Internal, External and Application resources.
  • Antivirus and Update cycles
  • Service specific security and policy (email, mobile device, web)


The best systems are flexible to the point of transparency. Loft Group works to model your businesses value chains and understand your staff proficiencies and culture to ensure that tools made available are easily adopted.

  • Application deployment and management
  • Content delivery and Storage availability
  • Document Management (retention, version control, policy and process)
  • Media support (video, voice)
  • Web content
  • Email and Instant Messaging policy


A modern company should support the need for staff to innovate and collaborate quickly and seamlessly. Mobile and Web technologies are key to delivering the very best in functionalities that enable this social interactions.

  • Personal Profiles
  • Social platforms (customer and staff engagement, polls, message boards)
  • Secure group sites, shared resources
  • Mobile device clients
  • Social network integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)


When your company builds a process for which there are no current tools that match, Loft Group can provide the resources to develop and release your own.

  • Project management and quality control
  • Development across mobile, web and application platforms
  • Agile Development processes


Selecting the best hardware for an enterprise isn’t just about specification. Loft Group has a tested hardware support network, and only deals with wholesalers who are able to deliver the best service within expected timeframes.

  • Purchasing and Fleet Management
  • Warranties, repairs and replacements
  • Hardware lifecycle documentation and planning


In the process of delivering the best services and integrating applications and hardware, checks must be in place to measure the performance and value of the technology against the business outcome. This information must be comparative to real world scenarios so that knowledgably decisions can be made.

  • Monitoring and logging of services
  • Systems administration and auditing
  • Business rule documentation and analysis
  • Reporting and Analytics


Loft Group prides itself on its passionate and comprehensive support solutions. None of our support team are ‘career helpdesk’, all of them are looking to provide you answers that can lead to resolution and innovation.

  • Phone and email support systems
  • Proactive response to system maintenance
  • Engagement with your business administration (service reviews)
  • Formal Service Level Agreements