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SkillsLive is a learner-centric Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS) that is designed to help organisations increase learning engagement while enhancing an individual’s learning outcomes and improved organisational performance.

SkillsLive enables on-demand education and contextual learning, collecting data and presenting analytics and insights to provide a 360° view within an organisation's learning ecosystem. SkillsLive contributes to creating visibility across an organisation, its employees and contractors, plus aligning learning pathways with professional development, competencies, compliance, certification and accreditation.

SkillsLive remains innovative and at the forefront of education technologies. Focusing on corporate learning ecosystems and the benefits that big data will contribute to creating visibility across an entire organisation at a local and global level. Additionally, the utilisation of cognitive systems that are able to exhibit adaptive, proactive and emotive behaviour. When implemented in support of educational activities a connection between communities and the process of learning, content delivery, assessment and collaboration can all be individualised, measured and presented in an enterprise dashboard. What drives this process is a common cognitive framework that humans use to inform their decisions: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and Decide

The SkillsLive Digital Learning Solution has identified with the need for a software application upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of education and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.

  • Content Management System 

  • Front End User profile

  • Administrator User Profile

  • Organisation-specific User Profile

  • Facilitator-led Education Module & Configuration 

  • Manager Reporting / Dashboard / Analytics

  • Course Calendar & Enrolment Manager 

  • e-Learning & m-Learning Courses

  • Course Builder

  • ReadSpeaker integration (Accessibility)

  • Educator Reporting / Dashboard / Analytics

  • Educator / Admin 'Class' Management

Modular Application

  • Course / Module / Session Management

  • Self-registration and Own User Management

  • Peer-to Peer & Mentor Collaborations

  • Payment Gateway for online payments

  • Social Media integration / mashups / sharing

  • Gamification - Online game-based learning tools

  • On-the-job & soft skills competency capture

  • Learning Chatbots

  • Workflow-Based Notifications to Relevant Staff

  • Organisational Records Manager

  • Compliance Reporting / Dashboard

  • Notifications & News Feed

Align Audit & Compliance objectives and benchmark against key performance indicators. This will provide a 360° view of the Learning Ecosystem at a global, zone, country and individual level. As part of the advanced dashboard and analytics package due for release in 2016, it will be possible to provide visibility across education and therefore gain the necessary data for countries to perform a "Health Check" against the auditors report, recommendations and guidelines.

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Secure access anytime, anywhere through the web, tablets and smartphones

  • Improve exposure to brands and contextual information

  • Maximise cost-efficiency

  • Real time reporting

  • Integrated social tools to encourage community involvement, build mentor relationships and accelerate collaboration

  • Course Builder allow Educators and Administrators to link content together to build formal education modules and pre and post requisites.

  • Product marketing, education, sales alignment through trend analysis of professional community interactions via social channels and education.

  • Each individual is able to keep track of their activity and performance, review their past experiences and organise their upcoming events.

  • Third Party Integration with existing corporate business tools providing high level analysis & reporting.

Compliance Benefits

  • Student progress and compliance activities sorted by Class or Course.

  • Manages compliance across Global, Zone, Country and Individual.

  • Comparative statistics - visible to individual Educators, spectrum averages.

  • Community tools - Student ratings, reputation and followers.

  • Educator Recognition - promotion of specialised mentors within the community.

  • Education Health Check - monitor and observe quality and performance metrics from a global level, down to the individual.

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eRoam | Travel Technology

eRoam has developed an online booking system that is set to revolutionise the B2B, B2C and B2B2C travel markets. There is currently no technology that can source, collect, interpret and apply complex algorithms to structured and unstructured data sets within the travel and tourism sector. These market insights and analysis is then correlated to a traveller’s unique experience and personal profile through applied artificial intelligence and machine learning principles to personalise complex itineraries based on trending and relevant travel itineraries.

eRoam’s objective is to create a unique technology platform that requires expertise in route deviation methodologies as well as the adaption of complex and challenging algorithms and theories. eRoam is designed to integrate multiple data sets from different sources that will produce real-time information which travellers, travel agents, tourism organisation, travel wholesalers, media, companies and businesses can use to create personalised itineraries effectively and efficiently. The development of eRoam will allow businesses to enhance their business intelligence through the identification and visibility of hidden or undervalued data that has the potential to have direct impact on a business’ performance, efficiency and resource utilisation. eRoam is able to aggregate data from multiple data sources to better identify the type of travel and tourism experiences associated with the planning, research and representation of relevant itineraries applicable to a broad travelling audience. This will give businesses greater improvements in their efficiencies by allowing them to maximise predictive and prescribed data analysis.

eRoam creates dynamic itineraries in real time that are available for instant purchase. Users can use artificial intelligence to create personal itineraries tailored to a traveller's individual profile. This can be done either manually on an interactive map or by using the automatic feature to populate an itinerary based on algorithms that match travellers and what is  trending at the time. eRoam is the only platform on the market that can search 1000+ Destinations, 500,000+ Hotels, 900 Airlines, 1000+ Coach & Rail Operators, 10,000+ Attractions, 10,000+ Cruises create a single travel itinerary featuring multiple destinations in under 20 seconds.

  • Complex Multi-city and cross border travel itineraries can take hours if not days for the travel industry to compile.

  • Empower the travel industry with Data Analytics capability.

  • eRoam applies its proprietary AI and Machine Learning capability to compile dynamic, personalised travel itineraries.

  • Travellers are able to view Peer to Peer recommendations of ‘what to see and do’ at any destination or any combination of destinations worldwide.

  • Partners and their customers can now create complex, multi city and cross border travel itineraries

Software Achievements

  • Apply AI and machine learning capability to source, curate and deliver relevant content to travellers.

  • Aggregate content from multiple sources including API’s, the web, media, social media and partner databases.

  • Present content based on peer to peer recommendations for any destination worldwide.

  • Create and deliver complex travel itineraries in seconds.

  • Book, pay for and store travel itineraries on desktop, tablet and/or mobile devices.


TISS Technology

TISS Technology

TISS Technology | ERP Software

Total Integrated Software Solution

TISS with its cloud-based engine offers a highly mobile integrated ERP software solution that provides iterative data processing via the internet. This significantly assists a business or organisation in replacing their traditional business management software and avoids expensive overheads like software installation, dedicated and specific hardware requirements and the cost of a physical team at the client’s location.

Most business solutions are centred around one outcome, either as an inventory management system, staff management system or a client management system. However TISS with its complex network of services on a cloud-based environment provides a simple solution that easily manages data. TISS is a modularised system that easily integrates with a range of financial based software solutions, yet TISS integrates not only on the invoicing level like it’s competitors but offers a full integration involving company data such as clients information, product information, staff information and many other critical data outputs.

TISS is a modularised system that easily integrates with a range of financial based software solutions, yet TISS integrates not only on the invoicing level like it’s competitors but offers a full integration involving company data such as clients information, product information, staff information and many other critical data outputs.This biggest point of difference for TISS is that it not only integrates with other softwares but also has the capability to co-ordinate and control other hardware such as PLC machine data through an advanced API integration bridge.

PLC Bridge Solution

TISS along with PLC Bridge Solution enables communication between PLC controlled machines and TISS Software. The PLC Bridge allows TISS to control the machines as per the business rules defined by the appropriate authority in TISS.

  • Control machines the same way as a machine operator can control via the touch-screens of the machines via TISS

  • Manage alerts and status of machines to enable troubleshooting whenever required.

Modular Approach

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

  • Sales Field Force Management 

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management

  • Order Processing & Logistics Management

  • Manufacturing & Equipment Control

  • Administration & Reporting

  • Web Access and Mobile Applicaiton

  • eCommerce Solution

  • Proof of Delivery Mobile Application




TRACE.point | Trade & Supply Chain Accreditation Software

Trade Resource Assurance Construction Education, is introducing a new way to deliver insights across the supply chain network within for the building and construction industry. TRACE.point empowers companies, their management and procurement personnel, to ensure all contractors and suppliers engaged are Australian Building and Construction Code assured. It is an education tool that provides essential training, assessment and assurance across all contractors and the supply chain.

Provides Procurement personnel with easy access and transparency across the entire end-to-end supply chain ensuring each of its prospective contractors and suppliers meet the ABCC assurance recommendations and guidelines.

Align Audit & Compliance objectives and benchmark against key performance indicators. Provide visibility across education and therefore gain the necessary data for managers or procurement personnel to make informed decisions against the auditors report, recommendations and guidelines.

TRACE.point marries leading edge technology with deep industry knowledge from leading Industrial Relations experts.

TRACE.point is a software solution developed specifically for the Australian Building and Construction Industry.

TRACE.point empowers Companies, their management and procurement personnel, to ensure all contractors and suppliers engaged are ABCC assured.

TRACE.point GAP ANALYSIS: identifies the accreditation levels reached of the entire supply chain.

TRACE.point EDUCATION is an education tool that provides necessary training, assessment and assurance across all contractors and the supply chain.

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Scottech Oilfield Services

Scottech Oilfield Services

Scottech Oilfield Services | Extranet Software

Scottech Oilfield Services is owned by Offshore Technical Services A/S, a Norwegian-based company established in 2000. Together they have a large fleet of rental equipment for filtration, fluids handling and slop treatment, mud shearing, high pressure pumps and filtration consumables. Offshore personnel are deployed with the relevant certifications and the equipment is supported by a detailed preventive maintenance program that ensures immediate delivery and operational capabilities.

Scottech extranet streamlines operations, centralises information and workflow management to compliment existing accounting and third party reporting requirements. The result is a significant reduction in the time required towards the capture and management of site specific information and provides visibility throughout an organisation’s operations, equipment and personnel across the entire project lifecycle.


  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance and Certification records management.

  • Offshore Equipment Manifest creation and logistics handling.

  • Employee and Contractor Cerftication and Accreditation.

  • Warehouse Management and Inventory Control across multiple site locations, consumable usage and reporting for account processing.

  • Document Store including photographic evidence, site assessments, P&ID, Operational Manuals and MSDS accessibility.

  • Project Recording across daily activities, operational logs, filtration sample recording and reporting.

  • Compliance towards regulatory and site-specific requirements in line with Work Health and Safety Standards.

  • Customisable Reporting feature across a diverse range of specialised plant and equipment.


  • Onshore and Offshore solution purpose-built for heavy asset-based operations.

  • Designed to manage personnel, equipment, documentation while maximising operational effectiveness and monitor costs of capital assets.

  • Improved productivity and equipment utilisation via software that automates maintenance, repair, field service, inspections and certification.  

  • Capture, prioritisation and incident reporting providing automated alerts, reminders, emails and a hierarchy of actionable items.

  • Centralised access to information that assists in the on-boarding employees and validating third party capabilities within the supply chain.

  • Document Workflow Management process compliant to best industry practices.


Magic AI

Magic AI

Magic AI | Clinical Diagnostic and Research Tool (CDRT)

Clinical health consultations, notes and observations are the lynch pin record of patient interaction. The conversion of this information is prone to error or misinterpretation due to the hand written nature of patient observations and the subsequent transcription activity. 

Determining an accurate and meaningful diagnostic is further limited due to the often restricted scope or ability to reference suitable reference materials . Individual clinicians knowledge of reference materials is a process of trial, peer to peer advice , and so may not be exhaustive or complete.

MAI is designed to provide a robust Research Methodology using aggregated, high quality, peer identified information sources. Taking the provided observational data, the Clinician is assisted in the process of diagnosis through the use of deductive formulation. These formulations can then be used to search the aggregated information sources. This process is enhanced by way of an ontological model which builds an environmental understanding of Clinician activity through observation of frequency, proximity and preference.

The Clinical Diagnostic Research Tool (CDRT) supports the collection of observational data by closely following the existing processes used by Clinicians. Allowing for multiple input types, CDRT can effectively replace the need for paper records and ensure that any data collected is sound. Since the format of the collection tool is standardised, review and audit processes are also accelerated.

Clinicians are also able to engage in collaboration with peers through sharing of consultations and formulations, with Clinician details (profile details, formulation details) being included within search returns when similarities exist in diagnosis.


  • Collecting and aggregating relevant, high quality, peer identified clinical research resources (such as web sites, public and private data collections, document collections and syndicated content) into an indexed 'corpus’.

  • Building semantic and ontological (language describing the field of Genetics) structures to improve reference to the resources.

  • Allowing for standardised input of observations (text, voice and photograph).

  • Extracting ontological (context) terms from the observations using natural language processing and pattern matching against the corpus.

  • Allowing for construction of search queries using terms to return meaningful references from the corpus.

  • Using social activities to enable collaboration between clinicians and improve the research value of the corpus (improving importance of references and terms, forming links between terms, providing analysis of existing consultations, etc.).

  • Enabling research to occur in mobile (sometimes remote) environments.


Training Organisation Administration Hub

Training Organisation Administration Hub

Training Organisation Administration Hub

Our E-learning platform to assist Vocational Training Organizations (VTO's) and Registered Training Organizations (RTO's) to efficiently manage student administration and business operations in order to comply with recently introduced mandatory Government funded activity and reporting standards coming into effect in Australia in January 2015.

Our Solution

  • A comprehensive Training Organisation Administration Hub that assists RTO's to manage student administration and business operations across Enrolment

  • Course & Module Learning Management

  • Student Management

  • Timetables and Scheduling

  • Assessment and Evidence – teach and test, student work submissions, educator/trainer assessments all on-line

  • Student, Trainer and Management Access, View and workflow actions

  • Document & Forms Management

  • Compliance & Reporting to VET standards

  • Cloud Based App Based Tool – Real Time access any time, In any locations

  • Secure, proven Training Organisation Administration Hub

  • VET FEE Help Student Loan Module

  • Course Fee Payment Calculator

The Training Organisation Administration Hub solves major issues for RTO's/VTO's in Australia by reducing the student and training partner administration, simplifying activity and evidence based reporting required to secure training guarantee funding from Australian State and Federal governments. Other e-learning tools in the market cannot meet these key administration and business operations needs.

Benefits to the RTO/VTO

  • Secure access anytime, anywhere through the web

  • Enhances and streamlines processes

  • Improves administration though workflow automation

  • Provides real time information to support business decisions

  • Efficient information delivery

  • Reduced rework and error

  • Automated app-based enrolment and forms

  • Reduced Re-work and error – student fee calculations, loan calculations, student enrolments

Compliance Benefits

  • Manages compliance across State and Federal Legislation

  • Simplifies compliance process

  • Real time reporting

  • Improves auditing processes

  • Reduces risk of student or training partner fraud